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Your best friend will never be kept in a cramped metal cage all day long. Our salon has large XXXL Pet Mate crates used only for cage drying dogs who do not like the hand dryer. The cage dryers have no heating element that could cause your pet to overheat, and they produce very gentle mildly warm air. When finished drying, they are provided a blanket and treats and kept in one of our deluxe private boarding suites until they are picked up. They are also taken outside for potty breaks throughout the day in our large fenced in yard with trees.

Many of our daycare clients opt for a full SPA day including DAYCARE playtime in the morning and a spa service in the afternoon so you pick up a happy, beautiful, clean canine! Enjoy a reduced daycare rate if you are also receiving a salon bath.





Our Baths Include:

Shampoo & Conditioner
Therapeutic shampoos available upon request at no extra charge. We use high quality products such as Espree, Fresh n Clean, Coat Handler, SPA, Bio Groom and more!

Aloe Oatbath Shampoo
An oatmeal and aloe shampoo that moisturizes and soothes dry, itchy, irritated and inflamed skin

M+lacaid Shampoo
A medicated shampoo designed to provide relief for dogs suffering from hot spots, flea-bite dermatitis,biting and scratching as well as relief from skin problems due to bacterial or fungal infections

Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo
A non-alkaline shampoo that contains aloe, and vitamins A,D, and E which is detergent free and designed for pets with very sensitive skin

Nail Clipping and File

Filing nails with a dremel tool allows the nail to be taken shorter that clipping alone can do. Not only can the nail be taken shorter, but filing also leaves the nail with smooth, rounded edge which prevents them from scratching you, your furniture, or your hardwood floors! A nail file is included in the price of most FULL grooming packages at no extra charge.

Ear cleaning

Using a special all natural ear cleaner
Ear hair removal if needed (on haircut dogs)

Check and express anal glands:
At owner’s request

Pet cologne
Including scents like Black Raspberry Vanilla, Vanilla Cupcake, Lavender Vanilla, Arfmani (for the boys), Cucumber Mellon and more!

A stylish Bandana or Bows



Teeth Brushing and Dental Rinse

We offer a tooth brushing package which includes brushing with DOGGY toothpaste and a specially designed disposable tooth brush for dogs. We use each tooth brush only once! The package also includes a spritz of breath freshener, and a dental treat!

Not only will having your dog’s teeth brushed with Oxyfresh Oral Pet Gel make his or her breath smell great, but it will also prevent the further accumulation of tarter that causes plaque. Plaque leads to periodontal infections, tooth decay & loss, and even heart disease. Proper oral health care now can help prevent these and other serious health problems from developing later in your pet’s life. You will get the best results by having your veterinarian clean your dogs teeth annually. Then maintain a regular teeth brushing schedule once or twice a week.

Flea and Tick Bath

Got fleas? Bring your dog in for a day at the Spa so they can receive a flea bath to kill the fleas.  Flea and tick shampoo only kills what is on the dog, it is not a preventative for fleas and ticks. We recommend you plan to leave your dog for the day after their bath so you can treat your home and pick up some preventative from your vet!


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The following shot records are required DHLPP, RABIES and Bordatella every 6 months. TITERS are also accepted.

We regret that we cannot provide service to any dogs who are not current on shots or titres.

Dogs should be dropped off between 7AM and 9AM and should be picked up by 7PM. This schedule is for Monday –  Saturday.

A drop-off time must be specified when making your appointment. Later drop off times may be available on weekdays upon request.



Join us for “Dirty Dog Wednesday”  All baths are $25.00!  That includes a bath, brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning, spritz of pawfume or cologne and a bandana!


Additional fees may apply for things such as dematting, furmination, or flea treatments.



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