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Why should my dogs go to day care?

Your dog needs stimulation to get them through the day too. Rather than being at home sitting in the backyard, staring at four walls, or lazing around all day creating the risk of boredom activities like ripping up your favorite plants or ripping apart your favorite clothing; your dog gets the chance to exercise, interact with dogs with personalities similar to theirs and receive love and cuddles from the crew here at Waggin’ Tails.

Can I see the facility before booking my dog’s stay?

We encourage all dog-parents to visit us at Waggin’ Tails before making any bookings to see our award winning facility and ensure you are comfortable entrusting our staff with your beloved pet. Please call to arrange a visit, or drop by during business hours. Calling ahead will ensure we can give you our full undivided attention and show you all the great amenities here at Waggin’ Tails.

Will I need to fill out paperwork prior to coming?
Yes. Under the “Customers” section of our home page you will find all of the required paper work you will need to fill out and bring with you to Waggin’ Tails. It is always best to allow yourself enough time at check in so we can go over specific instructions for your dog’s care and make sure you have all your paper work filled out.

What vaccinations are required for my dog to visit Waggin’Tails?
We require all dogs be up to date on the follow vaccinations:
Rabies – 1 year or 3 year
DHLPP – 1 year or 3 year

I have a small dog. Is he/she safe at Waggin’ Tails?

Absolutely. Our play groups are divided according to both size and temperament, ensuring that each dog only associate with suitable playmates. All groups have constant supervision, to maximize safety.

Will you feed my dog when they come for daycare?

Yes, we can give your dog a rest & snack break during their day of daycare upon request. For boarding we encourage you to bring your food from home so your dog does not experience an upset stomach but here at Waggin’ Tails we offer a variety of all natural treats and premium dog food for your convince.

What does my dog have to play with?

We use a great range of Kong Products and other durable toys. These products are not only stimulating for your canine but also completely washable, non-toxic, hard wearing and safe for all dogs. We have balls, tug toys, kangaroo climbers and more… what more could a dog want?

What happens if a dog becomes dominating or aggressive?

Our first priority is the safety of all our dogs, so we have designed a ‘time-out’ area so dogs can be removed from the play ground instantly. In addition we require all dogs pass a temperament test prior to their first full day of daycare.

Will my dogs potty training at home change?

No – dogs learn by association, and they make associations whenever they are awake and interacting with their environment. The day care environment is far different to being in their home environment. Although we do our utmost to make the center as homely and comfortable as possible; the smells, interaction and associating the stimulus of the center with day care only is the key to ensuring potty training and other training is retained at home. Each daycare room also has an attached, fenced in yard so your dog can go outside to potty as needed.

Is the management and staff experienced in animal handling and patient at all times?

We have a highly qualified crew here at WagginTails, all of which are experienced in animal handling and are certified in Canine First Aid. To work within the WagginTails environment all employees must possess energy, a passion for animals and above all patience. We have a very high expectation of all of our crew to ensure you have 100% confidence that your dog is with the best in the industry.

Is my dog playing on concrete?

The center has RB rubber flooring and installed throughout all play areas. This not only greatly reduces the risk of injury, it also provides warmer more comfortable environment for our clients.

What if I still have questions?

Contact the WagginTails crew at any time. Our business hours are Monday – Saturday 7:00am-7:00pm and Sundays 9:00am-10:00am/5:00pm-6:00pm by appointment only. We’d be more than happy to help you, and want everyone to understand why WagginTails truly is the best environment for your dog! 972) 398- 6008

Do all dogs really go to Heaven?

Yes, they do.



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