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Sending a dog to daycare may at first seem a little silly, but if you think about it, it really makes sense….

If you’re like many people, you’re constantly on the go. It’s often challenging enough to balance just your personal and family needs, let alone the needs of your dog.

Let’s face it, leaving your dog home alone during the day is not only hard for YOU, it’s worse for your dog. Dogs are pack animals by nature and need group socialization, exercise, and mental stimulation to adequately develop their physical and emotional well being. Left home alone, most dogs get bored, lonely, and frustrated which often leads to separation anxiety or mischief.
Waggin’ Tails Daycare remedies all that loneliness and boundless energy by providing your dog with:

  • Doggy socialization and play in a large indoor/outdoor environment.
  • Mental and physical stimulation which enhances your dogs well being.
  • Positive behavior modification and reinforcement throughout the day.
  • Supervision and caring from a professionally trained staff that focuses on safety and service.
  • A beautiful, state of the art facility which exceeds cleanliness standards.
  • So much pampering and fun, that when its time to leave, your dog will be relaxed and ready to settle down.


In addition to benefiting your dog, Waggin’ Tails provides YOU the freedom from guilt for leaving your dog home alone all day, and the peace of mind that your dog is having fun with others in a safe and clean environment.

Our Daycare Facilities & Services:

Waggin’ Tails facility has four distinct and spacious play areas which cater to the unique needs of each of our guests. Each of these indoor play areas has:

  • State of the art RB® rubber flooring
  • Fresh water that is changed out multiple times a day
  • Access to the large outdoor play yard
  • A professionally trained and experienced staff
  • Lots of safe and durable toys














This 1100 sq. ft. room rocks with the energy and excitement of our Larger guests having loads of fun! In this case, it’s all about enjoying life, in a BIG way. Fetch, tug and chase are among our guest’s favorites!

600 sq. feet of space for socialization, calm play and relaxation. Great for our shy or more mature guests. Furnished with a  TV, benches and toys.

Catering to the needs of our Small & Medium guests, this 700 sq. ft. room packs a lot of attitude in a small package. Whether it’s playing on the outdoor jungle gym or socializing with other pint-size playmates, there’s endless hours of fun.

 Imagine your dog enjoying the day’s activities:
  • Supervised group play with Frisbees, Kong’s, ropes, etc.
  • Wading in outdoor pools – great way to beat the summer heat.
  • Enjoying cool breezes under the shade of our large oak tree.
  • Scheduled arts & crafts like paw painting, daytime birthday parties.
  • Nap time complete with classical music and soft cushions.
  • Plenty of rubs, hugs and kisses.
  • Afternoon snack time (Dog Bakery Treats).




Doggie Web Cameras:

We wanted to take the wondering out of our customers’ minds and show them what we do, all day, every day and have provided cameras in each of our play areas so that you can see exactly what your dog is doing, and if you can’t see him on camera for some reason, just give us a call and we will gladly put him in the spotlight so you can rest assured that he is getting the best care at all times. This is especially wonderful if you are out of town and have your laptop, just log onto our site and you can see how well your dog is doing at Waggin’ Tails

Having trouble with our Web Cams?

Email – Management | Phone Number 972-398-6008, Fax 972-423-7110, and our Location.




Monday – Saturday 7 AM – 7 PM


FULL Day = $ 30.00

HALF Day = $ 20.00 (up to 5 hours)

Waggin’ Tails offers a variety of daycare packages with our popular

Frequent Tails Club!   SAVE MONEY!

10 Full Day Card = $ 270.00

20 Full Day Card = $ 500.00

30 Full Day Card = $750.00

CLUB packages are prepaid and good for 120 days and allow mom & dad to enjoy benefits like a FREE BATH, FREE LUNCH & SNACKS & the First Saturday of each month for FREE!